Sled Facility for Dynamic Crash Tests

The acceleration sled test facility is for examining the crash-proofness of components, seating systems, children’s seats and restraint systems.


The ultra-modern acceleration sled test facility ensures maximum precision and supplies more exact findings than a conventional drop tower system.

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Test facility specifications:

Nominal acceleration force:

Maximum speed:

Working load:

Maximum acceleration (at 1,350 kg):



950 kN

80 km/h

1,350 kg

30 g


Hydraulic brake

Various dummies are available depending on the product to be tested and test requirements:

Hybrid lll 50th Male ATD


The Hybrid lll 50th Male ATD is globally the most frequently used crash test dummy for evaluating vehicle safety restraint systems in frontal impact tests. The dummy is a test device recognized by the ECE provisions.

ECE-R16 Manikin


The Manekin dummy is specifically used for testing in keeping with the ECE-R16 regulation on approving safety belts and restraint systems for vehicle adult occupants.